Dripping Blood: Nail Trends Spring 2013

Sometimes, there’s no need to change your nail color from season to season. After all, nail color choice depends on many factors: personal taste, clothing, climate.

However, generally speaking, many women love to try something a bit different when the seasons change. Maybe that’s because the material and color of clothing changes along with the scenery, so we want to compliment all accordingly with a new expression of how we feel about these changes.

Whatever the reason for the color of nails each season, Harper’s Bazaar says that this Spring, pale nails are huge. Pale nails have been big for years and they will probably never go out of style, but what’s unusual is that this spring, they are being paired with hard-edged designs and colors.

Of course, there’s an abundance of dark hues, too, including the “dripping blood” effect.

Click the link to view a slideshow of all the Spring 2013 nail trends by Harper’s Bazaar.