New Year, New Skin: Cranberry Detox Facial

The Cranberry Detox Facial ($250) is offered at NYC’s Joanna Vargas Skincare, a customized solution of the signature skincare she provides for celebrities and other high-profile clients.

The treatment works for all skin types, rejuvenating skin that has suffered from excesses such as bad food, alcohol, and/or a lack of sleep all year round. So if you are in NYC, you may want to add this facial to your routine whenever you have an important event coming up and book ahead for next year’s New Year’s Eve! Or, you can just add it to your routine to keep your skin glowing.

Each facial consists of Vargas’s Diamond Peel, Exfoliating Mask, Oxygen Treatment and more including steam, extraction and massage. All of these steps are designed to purge impurities from the skin in various but efficient ways.

The facial works especially well in winter because of the cold weather and over-consumption that people tend to indulge in to deal with the cold.