Perioral Dermatitis

Repeated breakouts around the mouth and chin could stem from a type of acne called perioral dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis often strikes women in their 20’s, but it doesn’t always confine breakouts to a certain age. No matter how old one is when it develops, the condition results in small, superficial red papules. The papules cause a burning sensation and tenseness Sometimes, the papules expand to the nasolabial folds and lateral eyelid areas.

While its exact causes remains unknown, use of the following contributes to perioral dermatitis development:

  • topical cortisone
  • inhaled steroids

Certain make-up, moisturizers, toothpastes, and even birth control pills play into the development as well, but these factors vary among those with the condition. Speak to your dermatologist or general care physician about the best course of action for your case. Usually treatment involves letting the skin clear up on its own, or the taking of oral or topical antibiotics.