PinPointe Footlaser

New Beauty recommends PinPointe for prettier feet.

Nail fungus is so embarrassing, but about 35 million Americans suffer from it. It is not only a problem in warm months at home, but during intimate moments and on vacation. It could even mess up New Year’s if wearing heels that expose the toes.

Bu the PinPointe Footlaser offers hope for those with nail fungus. The laser uses a “…special-purpose Nd:YAG laser (a technology that doctors use for hair removal, although this one is calibrated specifically for treating nail fungus.” It works by zapping the fungus between the nail bed and toe, changing the fungal environment so that the fungus no longer grows faster than the nail.

Treatment lasts for half an hour; experts recommend all 10 toes undergo treatment to stop any spread of the fungus. There is hardly any pain, and results can be seen in a few months, though some cases require longer periods of treatment.