Poll: People Open to Medical Tourism

According to a new poll, at least a third of the people in the world would love to undergo a plastic surgery procedure, dental procedure, or even a lifesaving procedure while on vacation.

With plastic surgery and dental procedures, it makes sense to come back from a vacation—which everyone knows about—looking so relaxed it’s like fifteen years disappeared from your face! Even better, while on vacation, no one is going to wonder why you’ve missed work or refuse to leave the house. And once you recover, you can actually enjoy a vacation depending on the amount of time booked.

The cost of undergoing a facelift or lipo is much cheaper in another country, too, so this is why at least 18% of the respondents said they would definitely be up for combining a tour with a procedure.

Furthermore, in a country like India which scored the highest number of possible medical tourists, citizens may perceive such medical care as being better in other countries. But still, highly developed nations like Canada, Germany, Italy, and the United States also showed a high number of positive respondents, which reveals that the medical industry is not immune from globalization.

Ipsos Public Affairs conducted the survey.