Pre-Laser Treatment Pointers

The lasers of today are much more gentle than the ones first used on the skin 25 years ago. However, laser treatment is still more effective if you consider a few things before undergoing it:

  • Skin color. Darker pigments tend to experience more pigment change—light and dark—after treatment with certain lasers. Make sure to inquire about what type of laser will be used. Remember, the lighter the skin, the more energy it can handle.
  • Be aware of your ethnic background. Inform your doctor of it to avoid hyper-pigmentation.
  • Stop retinoids and/or retinol at least a week before the laser treatment. They lead to more sensitive skin and a longer, harder recovery.
  • Avoid the sun. It’s never a good time to tan, but tanning really interferes with laser treatment.

Thanks to New Beauty editors for these pre-laser treatment pointers!