Radiesse: Safety Information You Need to Know

Radiesse is one of many awesome wrinkle fillers designed to smooth “moderate to severe” wrinkles and folds, and otherwise add volume to the face. It is unique in that it stimulates endogenous collagen production and unlike other dermal fillers, Radiesse decreases the body’s need for repeat treatment over time. Results are immediate. If you are planning to undergo a Radiesse treatment, it’s important to be aware of all safety information related to this amazing filler.

Let’s take a look at essential Radiesse safety information courtesy of your favorite wrinkle filler experts in Beverly Hills:

Allergies and More

If you suffer from allergic reactions to one or more of the ingredients in Radiesse, you should not undergo treatment. And if in the past you have had a bleeding disorder or anaphylaxis after a Radiesse treatment, you would certainly not be a Radiesse candidate.

Should you be under 18 years of age, you probably do not need Radiesse treatment. And if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not be treated with Radiesse. It’s also necessary to avoid treatment until any skin infections have cleared up. If you have active herpes or coldsores, you should start your herpes medication prior to treatment with Radiesse. Make your Beverly Hills dermatologist aware of your active herpes flare so you will be appropriately guided through treatment.
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What to Avoid

It’s important to know what not to do following a Radiesse treatment, such as massaging the treated skin. Avoid massage, facials and any other serious manipulation of the area, and stay out of the sun or any extreme source of heat until fully healed.

Medications and Radiesse

Certain medications may negatively interfere with Radiesse, making it imperative to inform your favorite Beverly Hills dermatologist of what you’re taking before undergoing treatment. These include blood thinners and any medication that interferes with blood clotting. Such medications make bruising at the injection site much more likely.

Potential Side Effects

While Radiesse side effects are usually minor, they can include redness, swelling, bruising, pain, itching, and tenderness. Side effects usually do not last long; however, if you experience these or other adverse effects for an extended period of time, talk to your doctor immediately.

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