Potential Juvederm Side Effects

Juvederm is one of numerous fantastic dermal fillers designed to restore youth and beauty to the face. Considered a “liquid facelift,” Juvederm offers a non-surgical way to rid the face of wrinkles and sagging skin. It is comprised of hyaluronic acid, a substance found naturally in the body that functions as a network for binding collagen and elastin fibers. Wrinkles, jowls, and volume loss occur as we lose hyaluronic acid due to age.

And while Juvederm offers a variety of wonderful benefits, the potential of side effects is still present. Most are mild but require consideration before undergoing the procedure. Let’s take a deeper look at these side effects courtesy of your favorite Juvederm experts in Beverly Hills:

Pain and Tenderness

Mild pain and tenderness at injection sites is fairly common following Juvederm application, and usually subsides after about three days.


Inflammation may occur after a Juvederm application, however it is generally mild and disappears after about one week. Cooling packs are often recommended to quicken healing time.


A small lump may form around the injection site, and patients may find the area feels hard to the touch. Also called granulomas, these bumps are a reaction to the gel used in this popular dermal filler. It takes about a week for this side effect to rectify itself.


Skin around the affected area will sometimes bruise, and therefore appear purple, red, or blue in color. This is yet another temporary effect that goes away on its own.

Juvederm Candidacy

Your Beverly Hills skin specialist will go over the effects of Juvederm before scheduling the procedure to determine if you’re a good candidate or not. Discuss whether or not the dermal filler is right for you with your Beverly Hills Juvederm specialist!

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