Scalp Rescue Styling Gel Review

For those who love to treat their scalp and hair with extra pampering, there’s no such thing as too much product information.

The Scalp Rescue line by Max Green Alchemy has a lot of fans and endless great reviews from users who like to share their finds. But apparently, their Scalp Rescue Styling Gel ($12.99) leaves a lot to be desired.

It comes as quite a shock, as the shampoo and conditioner (both $15 ) have received not only fans and great reviews, but awards for excellence. The shampoo was voted one of TIA’s Five Best shampoos of 2012 and the conditioner was winner of the 2012 Green Stars Award.

But the gel doesn’t hold up to those standards.

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Max Green Alchemy Scalp Rescue Styling Gel- reviewed and rejected