Laser Tattoo Removal

The blog RealSelf recently asked readers what they wanted to know more about, and one of the more popular answers was “laser tattoo removal”.

So, here’s what they learned.

The $725 procedure has an 80% “Worth It Rating”, but doctors want patients to have a very realistic expectation when it comes to the removal.

First, the skin will not look good as new. Sometimes it can look bleached. Scarring can occur when a deep tattoo is put under a deep laser removal process. Often, the tattoo is not completely removed. Superficial black tattoos are easier to remove.

The proper laser makes a big difference in tattoo removal. One of the best lasers on the market is the Spectra pulsed dye Yag laser from Lutronic. But many providers don’t want to pay so much for a laser, which means they will not give you the best treatment. Doing research on a provider is important. Don’t go cheap.

Tattoo removal can also be done via surgical removal or dermabrasion (basically sanding out the tattoo pigments), though laser remains the most popular way. It leaves less scarring and results in an overall better look.