Should You Use a Washcloth to Cleanse Your Face?

Some people feel that they need a barrier between their hands and skin when washing though a washcloth can create another kind of barrier you don’t want: bacteria.

Every human’s skin is covered in little creepy crawlies that benefit our health in numerous ways. But the kind of bacteria transferred from a repeatedly used washcloth is not the kind you want anywhere your body. If you use the same washcloth repeatedly by letting it air dry, you risk acne outbreaks and infections.

So if you need a washcloth to cleanse, make sure it’s always clean. However, that’s a bit time consuming as well as harsh on the environment, so you may want to learn to just wash your hands then cleanse without a cloth. You can also buy disposable cleaning clothes, thought they create excess waste as well.

Here’s some great advice on how to occasionally use a clean washcloth for a spa effect.