Skin Care Mistakes Men Make

Men are just as capable of making serious mistakes with their skin as women. Whether 20, 30, or 50, it’s essential to take care of skin and subsequently enjoy a youthful appearance well into old age. The dermatologists in Beverly Hills at The Kopelson Clinic frequently dispense skincare advice to to patients, and cite the following mistakes commonly made by men:

Not Cleansing Enough

One of the most frequent mistakes men make with their skin is not cleaning it enough, or at all. Dirt, germs, oil, and other gunk are present on skin by the day’s end, making the washing and rinsing of daily grime imperative. Cleansers with moisturizing properties are usually recommended unless excess oil production is an issue.

Failing to Use Sunscreen

Women often slather on the sunscreen no matter the time of year to protect skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Rather than subjecting skin to aging UV rays every day, it’s important men find a quality sunscreen and use it often. Natural versions containing zinc oxide are among the best options.

Never Using an Exfoliant

Exfoliation is a key part of skin maintenance, as it sloughs dead skin cells that make flesh look old and tired. It also allows cleansers and other skin care products to work better, as they don’t have to penetrate a layer of dead skin. Men should exfoliate at least once a week, if not twice a week.

Refraining From Using Anti-Aging Cream

Anti-aging creams and lotions are not just for women! Plenty of options are available to men, and offer the same hydrating and wrinkle-reducing benefits. Those that contain vitamins A, C, and E are generally best.

Forgetting to Moisturize

Daily moisturizing is important, whether it’s in the form of an anti-aging cream or not. Male skin is arguably more prone to damage than women’s, making moisturization an essential part of any skincare routine.

Not Maintaining Facial Hair

The skin underneath a beard is easily irritated, or may become dry and red. Rather than forsaking this skin because of the hair it sports, use beard oils and conditioners, and make certain cleansers get “down in there.”

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