Skin Care Tips For Dark Complexions

Skin Care Tips For Dark Complexions

No matter what color your skin is, it is still susceptible to any number of problems, from acne to excessive oil to rosacea to dryness and more. If you’re a darker-skinned individual and having trouble creating an effective skin care routine, check out the following tips from your local Beverly Hills dermatologists:


Once Daily

Darker-skinned women and men don’t need to cleanse twice daily, rather once is enough. Cleansing more than once a day may result in skin that looks “chalky,” as flesh has been stripped of necessary moisture.


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Since dark skin is often much drier than its lighter counterpart, it’s important to moisturize in addition to avoiding over-cleansing. A thick, quality moisturizer, such as one containing shea butter, is recommended, as are products containing urea, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, or dimethicone. Coconut oil is another excellent option, while products featuring vitamin A or alpha hydroxy should be eschewed, as they can cause irritation.


Sun Protection

Dark skin is the result of more melanin, or a dark pigment that occurs in the skin, hair, and iris of the eye. It is also what causes skin to tan. And while more melanin means more defense against damaging UV rays, dark skin is not impervious to sun damage. Not protecting dark skin from the sun will result in uneven skin tone and wrinkles, as well as slower healing time for scars. It is therefore essential to slather on the sunscreen, particularly a broad-spectrum option that protects against UVA and UVB rays.


Acne Treatment

As with sun damage, dark skin is also susceptible to acne. Rather than covering the entire face with a drying acne treatment, use a spot cream to treat individual blemishes. Maintaining a healthy diet and drinking lots of water will also help skin remain clear. Additionally, the Kopelson Clinic provides a variety of effective acne and acne scarring treatments, including laser and light treatments.


The clinic also offers treatments for other skin conditions that can plague everyone, regardless of skin color, including rosacea.


To learn more about skin care and treatments available through your Beverly Hills dermatologist, please contact the Kopelson Clinic today.