Skin Care Tips For Your 30s

Skin Care Tips For Your 30s

We’ve discussed skin care tips for your 40s and 50s, but what about your 30s? Skin is technically “aging” after 21, so the 30s is a prime time to start taking pristine care of your skin if you haven’t already. Check out a few skin care tips for 30-year-olds courtesy of your favorite West Hollywood dermatologists:

Wear Sunscreen

Broad-spectrum sunscreen is another important component in maintaining youthful, glowing skin, since UVA rays age skin something fierce! Look for natural versions featuring zinc oxide, as some studies indicate the chemicals in commercial sunscreens are harmful to skin. The natural versions are a bit challenging to apply, but work just as well. Wear sunscreen every time you step outdoors during the day, regardless of the time of year or whether it’s sunny. UV rays wreck havoc on skin anytime it’s unprotected during daylight hours.


Moisturize and Hydrate

Moisture leaves the skin with a fresh, glowing look, while dry skin reveals fine lines and otherwise makes skin look older than it is. Find quality moisturizers for day and night, and don’t forget to keep skin plump and hydrated by drinking lots of water. It also helps to take short showers and use lukewarm water instead of hot–excessively hot water depletes skin of necessary oils and dries it out.


Don’t Forget to Cleanse

Cleansing skin in the morning and evening to remove makeup and dirt is just as important as the above tips, as it allows skin to renew and protect itself.


Prevent Acne Formation

Unfortunately, acne is still a problem for most in their 30s! Warm compresses reduce inflammation and kill bacteria, while laser treatment options by your West Hollywood dermatologists are also effective in combating blemishes. Acne scarring treatment is available as well, and no matter what remedy you choose, do not squeeze pimples yourself! This only leads to the spread of infection, and scarring.

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