Spray Tan Tips

Getting a great spray tan is not as easy as it sounds. (Let’s face it: it very rarely looks easy.)

There are numerous examples of people with bad spray tans in the media and at your gym. You know you’ve seen them. (And by the way: it’s fine to acknowledge that someone has wasted money on a bad spray tan. Just don’t point.) Bad spray tans means that the color is streaked, creating a weird pattern on the skin. It can also mean that the color looks completely unnatural. Instead of looking like you enjoyed a week in the Caribbean, it looks like you spent a week at a nuclear power plant.

So, to get a great spray tan, follow this sound advice:

First, don’t skimp on the cost. Guarantee the quality of the spray tanning equipment as well as the tanning solution.

Next, exfoliate head to toe. That removes old skin and provides more of an even surface for the solution. Then, moisturize to prevent dryness which will cause patchiness when sprayed. Dry skin looks orange when spray tanned.

The elbows and knees really show up as orange if the skin is dry or it’s a poorly done job.

Take heed, and you won’t need to dodge questions about why you decided to vacation at a nuclear power plant.