Perfume: Spots to Spray

Wearing perfume requires more than just the ability to spray. A woman must know how to spray effectively. Follow Drom Fragrances perfumer Kevin Verspoor to make the most of your scent.

Verspoor says that areas of the body containing a good amount of arteries and veins underneath the skin are perfect spots to spritz. These spots promote warmth and thus, the scent. In addition to the neck and wrists, try:

  • the nape of the neck
  • the inside of the elbows
  • just above the hipbones
  • the small of the back
  • the back of the knees

And never forget the cleavage.

But never overdo it. If you can smell the scent throughout the day in subtle, sporadic whiffs, you have succeeded in spraying the right amount. Don’t mistake your inability to smell it strongly as others not noticing it. Your nose will get used to what it is constantly exposed to, so there’s no need to reapply perfume because you think no one else smells it when you only catch whiffs.