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Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back | NewBeauty #TeaTimeBeauty Chat

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In case you missed it, New Beauty held a #TeaTimeBeauty Chat about how to get your pre-baby body back, with leading beauty industry and medical professionals. If you are dying to get back in your pre-baby bikini for the summer,

Change Your Skin in 10 Minutes With an At-Home Facial

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Cleanse. Pay attention to the water temperature. Massage. What are the details that makes these directions for an at-home facial work, and what else should you be doing in addition to these time-honored steps? The at-home facial is a wonderful

Energizing Morning Yoga Routine

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Here’s a wonderfully refreshing morning yoga routine by Sarah Beth Yoga for those who want to greet the day with an energized perspective. Make sure to consult your doctor before beginning an exercise routine, including yoga. The video is free

Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer with This Survivor’s Story

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Today is Melonoma Monday. As part of the crusade to fight skin care cancer, we present this video from skin cancer survivor Chris Morrison. It is so important to learn the facts about how to protect your skin and thus,

How to Brighten Tired Eyes Instantly With Makeup

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A little, peach colored pencil can help make your eyes look brighter when you feel tired and blah. Just line the bottom of your lash line, shut your eyes to transfer the color to the upper lash line, then open

Men Who Get Botox In Hollywood and More

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Real Self Daily for Monday, April 29, 2013 includes: Korean beauty queens who have gotten in trouble for having the same plastic surgeon and therefore looking too similar. However, this similarity “epidemic” seems to be affecting beauty queens in other

Runway Secrets: The Best Ways to Use Hairspray

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Hairspray is no longer just used to glue the hair together. Now when it’s used by stylists and other fashionistas, it’s not so noticeable: Modern moldable, working hairspray allows you to play with hair. It provides the hold you need

The #Fix: How To Slim Down Your Thighs and More

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Here’s a video promo for the all stories you can find at the link below, from RealSelf: Read more: The #Fix: How To Slim Down Your Thighs

Exfoliate for Your Skin Type

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Exfoliation is one of the best anti-aging defenses. Knowledge is one of the best defenses, too. To work effectively, a person needs to understand about the correct exfoliator and exfoliating process for his or her skin type. Learn the ingredients

Transform Your Face Shape With The Right Blowout

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The perfect blowout means getting the right volume in the right spot. This video explains and demonstrates how to do that, using the immaculate technique perfected by Fekkai for their signature blowout. The first step in this process is understanding

Natural Makeup Spring Makeover

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The following post contains a video to watch and an article to read. It’s actually a spring make-up tutorial, detailed step by step, designed by Truth in Aging‘s Green Make-Up Expert Kristen Arnett. Her spring palette looks fresh and clean,

Stop Aging Skin With Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment (Works on Pale to Dark Skin)

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The non-evasive cosmetic treatment Clear + Brilliant works for pale, olive, or dark skin. The skin is cleansed then the patient relaxes as the laser glides over the skin for about 20-25 minutes. A special serum plus cooling mask is