“The first thing men think about before they go on vacation is getting their back hair removed,” says Dr. Kopelson. More prevalent than ever (the Robin Williams look is yesterday’s news), waxing for guys can be found at many locales. Igor for Men at 801 W. Larrabee in West Hollywood offers back, leg, arms, shoulders and chest waxing — plus what it calls “the back end” (the entire butt for $85) and “the male Brazilian,” aka the “Bro-zilian” (full-frontal hairless plus butt for $125 and up). But laser hair-removal is taking over because, as it turns out, when it comes to hot wax on their bodies, men are wimps. “Waxing hurts more than laser hair-removal,” says Kopelson, who says lasers feels like a rubber band repeatedly snapping hard on the skin. “And [waxing] gives you stubble and grows back in a month. Even if you get only one or two laser treatments, the time between needing treatments is elongated.” Kopelson also recommends going to a dermatologist who understands the subtleties of the varied lasers, as opposed to a laser hair-removal studio. “There are hair-removal lasers that are better for black skin, like the Nd:YAG. That’s safe for Hispanics, Asian and black body hair. No laser hair-removal works on blond or red hair.” You would think guys might shy away from lasers down there, but Kopelson says they’re pretty gung ho: “Straight guys are now fanatical about having no hair near their genitals. They think it makes their penises look bigger. And their wives are sending them for it. It used to be all gay men, but now they want to have hair on their bodies. Laser hair-removal is also great for guys who don’t want gray chest hairs.” Depending on skin tone, hair thickness and quantity, laser treatments can take 45 minutes for a first-time back-hair removal ($300 and up), and can take as many as 10 treatments (but five or six sessions is the average) for full results, followed by quicker annual refreshers.

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