The Power of Protein

Protein plays a vital role in the anti-aging process, and women should eat more quality protein to maintain muscle.

Age means that the body decreases its ability to use protein effectively. This results in a loss of muscle. A loss of muscle results in fat shifting to the belly.

Government standards only reflect the lowest level of protein that a person should eat. Most women probably get enough protein according to that, but the standard is not high enough for optimal health. Therefore, everyone should eat more protein, and women who want to keep their figures should definitely eat more.

Animal protein is the higher of the two types of proteins available. Animal protein from dairy makes an excellent choice for increasing protein. Whey protein comes from dairy, and offers a valuable source of nourishment. Adding whey and a bit of extra water to oatmeal starts the day off right.

The other type of protein is plant protein.

Add in low-fat cheeses and organic beef as well.