The Sun Damages All Colors

People, you’ve gotta protect your skin from the sun.

Look, I know that tanned skin can be beautiful. Olive skin runs on one lucky side of my family, so they don’t even need to tan. And by the way, have you seen my neon moon face? I obviously didn’t get the olive skin! However, I love all sorts of skin colors from fair to deep, dark ebony. Whatever you’ve got, flaunt it.

But… it doesn’t matter what color you flaunt because at the end of the day, the sun can damage your skin with premature wrinkles, splotches, and even worse, skin cancer.

So remember to make a good sunscreen part of your routine everyday. Use it to start your day by applying it under your make-up, even if you are simply walking from your car to the office, or walking to the store. Those limited exposures add-up to unlimited problems if you don’t take the proper precautions. Make sure to protect your neck and hands, too.

This goes for men as well. You may not be piling on make-up, but you should pile on sunscreen.

Speak to your dermatologist for more information about how to protect your natural color, whatever it may be.