Take Years Off with a Cut

A haircut, that is.

The wrong cut—and color—can add years to your face, subduing your natural sparkle.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful/famous/in-shape you are. Do you remember how old Sheryl Crow looked 12 years ago with matronly hair?

I rest my case.

The reason she looks younger twelve years later is she found a fashionable yet uncomplicated style that flatters her face.

Don’t hide under too much hair. It is a common mistake for women to use hair to cover flaws, but what you really should use it for is to highlight positives. Consult with your stylist for ways to find a basic haircut that is never going to go out of style. Whether it’s short or long, find a color that pops out the color of your eyes and plays up your bone structure.

And make sure to hide the old pics.