Top 5 Anti-Aging Articles for the Week of April 1, 2013

The Top 5 Anti-Aging Articles for the Week of April 1, 2013 are…

We start our week off with skincare secrets from Asia, which are plentiful indeed (covering lots of countries!) Many women across Asia follow a strict skin care regimen from a young age, a regimen which means they don’t see their first wrinkle until their 40’s. In America, many people still want to tan their skin instead of working with and protecting their natural skin color. Asian women start wearing sunscreen earlier than their American counterparts, which also includes American women of color (who should also be wearing sunscreen.) Read more: Skin-Care Wisdom From Asia.

In the second spot, we have a guide for male cosmetic procedures. Men do seek out cosmetic procedures, yet they do not receive as much attention when it comes to marketing. Also, they have different needs. A Guy’s Guide to Cosmetic Procedures explains more.

Track Your Workouts and What You Eat on Your Wrist explains about a easy way to monitor your health throughout the day. Wear a colorful smart band on your wrist to track your fitness levels all day. These smart bands will keep eating, workout, and sleeping habits in check, allowing you to fine tune your routine and overall health. A wide variety of colors and styles are available.

Sexy granny panties do exist, at least according to our fourth top article of the week. The RealSelf Daily: Sexy Granny Panties, Procedures Celebs Have Tried & More covers a lot of info, none of which you want to miss.

Our final Top 5 article this week is Four Ways to Plump Your Cheeks
, which explains that four ways exist plump the cheeks. What you choose depends on how plump you want your cheeks to look, among other factored-in criteria like health, money, and time:

  • semi-perm fillers
  • adding fat to the cheeks
  • silicone implants
  • a facelift

Read this informative article to find out the details.