Gluten-Free Jet-Setter

Traveling internationally and maintaining your gluten-free diet may not be as hard as your think.

Gluten-free travel often just happens naturally, as it should. Not every part of the world thrives on gluten, so they will have plenty of healthy food that you can eat!

Some Tips:

  • Start each day with a good breakfast to sustain your travel activity. Your breakfast place usually varies less often than other meal places (for instance, you can eat in the hotel or right next to it before starting the day) so you know you can have access to gluten-free there if you plan ahead. If you can bring food from your home country—make sure to declare it upon arrival or else face fines and legal issues!—then do so. Food like gluten-free protein powders that can be packed easily and help sustain you between meals. Also, get a doctor’s note to carry these proteins. That note will help at the airport.
  • Research the country ahead of time, so you know what standard dishes/food to expect. That allows for better dish and restaurant planning.