Top 5 Anti-Aging Articles for the Week of Dec. 10

The Top 5 Anti-Aging Articles for the Week of Dec. 10…

We started the week Hollywood’s Hottest Haircuts. It only makes sense to look toward the stars for a guide to our hair. So if you want to grow out your hair, shape your long hair or go short, this is a great style guide for you. It also discusses hair color. The holidays are always a fun time to play with hair, so muss it up!

Speaking of the holidays…well, there’s no graceful way to say it: the holidays are full of drinking. This can lead to a bit of a puffy tummy and also make you feel run down. Your skin also shows the toll of partying. But there are smarter alcohol choices that can help you party down and zip it up, without losing your looks.
Read Drink This Over That: Your Guide to Alcoholic Beverages to learn more.

And even more alcohol news: a new study shows that red wine may help prevent cancer. The prevention element comes from the chemical is Reservatrol. From the article: “”This is the second conference that brings together all the world experts in resveratrol. We have got a fantastic line up covering cancer, heart disease, diabetes, neurological diseases and life extension.”

In time for the holidays, there is an article about charitable giving to scientific anti-aging groups. It can be tricky to know who to donate to, but this article will clear up any concerns about longevity groups.

Closing out the week of Dec. 10, we have an envious post about arms. Yes, arms! We all know that the arms can be one of the first signs to show aging. So keeping them in shape is a must, year round, no matter how old you are. Once you gain weight, the arms can really go to pot. There are other ways to keep the arms in shape, too. Read Enviable Celebrity Arms to learn more about how to keep yourself looking lean and fresh.