Other Uses for Botox

There are many beneficial uses of Botox.

It is best known for helping ease wrinkles. But it can be something that does much more than just improve looks.

First of all, doctors —including plastic surgeons—recommend that migraines sufferers receive Botox shots. It can be injected into the forehead, neck, and shoulders.

Sweating can also be lessened by Botox. Botox blocks sweat glands temporarily. These anti-sweating treatments last a few months at a time.

Botox also helps control incontinence in conjunction to multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries.

And finally, the first use of Botox was in relation to crossed-eyes and uncontrollable blinking. It can still be used to treat these conditions.

Botox truly offers miraculous relief for a number of problems. It’s a powerful substance, too, and that’s why it is best to have it administrated by a doctor no matter what you are using it to treat.