Top 5 Anti-Aging Articles for the Week of Dec. 3

The Top 5 Anti-Aging Articles for the Week of Dec. 3 are…

First and foremost, researchers are making headway in the fight against cancer of all forms, but especially breast cancer. As I wrote earlier this week:
“Targeted therapies for metastatic HER2-positive breast cancer are among this year’s top advances in oncology, according to a report from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).” Slowing disease progression is an important step in treating cancer, and that is what the recently approved drug pertuzumab (Perjeta) appears to do for advanced breast cancer. This happens when combined with another therapy.” This year, other innovations in cancer have occurred as well. Read this article to learn more about how pertuzumab is helping fight breast cancer and more: Targeted Therapy Leads 2012 Cancer Advances

Next, we have an article about the funding for anti-aging research. Some believe a lack of funding is what is making us old. As stated on this site before, there is plenty of prejudice when it comes to anti-aging endeavors, but could it really be shortening our life spans? Researchers say yes.

What is the moral imperative of rejuvenation biotechnology from a social justice perspective? This article—which leads to more than one article—examines the arguments for why rejuvenation biotechnology is important to society, as well as why it’s morally correct. Again, it seems to all come back to who’s fighting for anti-aging efforts and who is fighting against them.

The fourth article of the week deals with exfoliation: Exfoliation From Head to Toe . Exfoliation is such a vital part of an all over good skin care routine, but so many people make the mistake of only exfoliating the face. However, think about this: We all bare our arms, back, and legs in revealing clothes during warm weather. So doesn’t it make sense to keep our skin in tip-top shape all over, all year? Learn how!

And our final article shows long-eyelash-lovers how to extend Latisse, something that makes our eyelashes look like they extend forever. Latisse is expensive; anyone who uses it or who has inquired about using it knows that. So it only makes sense that people are looking at ways that will make the supply last longer. This article gives exacting pointers on how to get the longest lash bang for your buck.