So Where Do I Put These Breast Implants?

Breast implants require the finesse and experience of a plastic surgeon that is expertly trained and board-certified. Such a surgeon must guide the patient through the implant process as well as provide insight on the varying choices that work best for a patient based on background, genetics, and esthetic preferences.

One of the big issues a surgeon helps to decide is whether the implants go over or under the muscle. There are advantages and disadvantages to both breast implant placements.

The first type of implant is called subglandular, or over the muscle. This option means a quicker recovery time because there’s less damage to the underlying tissue, plus a more lifted look. But for women with thin skin, subglandular implants may show up more because they sit right under the surface. And mammograms will probably need extra views. Implants also detach more easily in this position.

The second type of implant is called submuscular, or under the muscle. In this placement, the muscle helps keep the implant in place. Mammograms are not as difficult. But a big drawback is the recovery, which is more painful. Hoever, this implant works well for someone who is thin because it provide extra cushioning so looks more natural.