Top 5 Kopelson Clinic Articles for the Week of September 10, 2012

Kopelson Clinic kept this week’s beauty posts pretty helpful, if I do say so myself. 😉

Tailoring Skin Therapies for Patients of Color on 9/10/12 features ways that dermatologists of all colors must take into account all the colors of their patients. While all patients deserve great care, the information about treating patients of color is sometimes not as abundant for dermatologists. This post will help all people receive better skin care.

Also on 9/10, the post Review: Topix Replenix Power of Three Offers Superb Skin Care gives an extensive review of Topix Replenix Power of Three skin care serum. It is known as a triple threat with packaging so sleek and sophisticated, you can’t help but open it. Check out the review on the link to Truth in Aging. Topix is quickly becoming one of the most sought out skin care systems on the market.

9/10 turned out to be a really busy day for great beauty info. Latisse Study Shows Positive Results shows that Latisse is safe and effective for up to a year’s worth of use for those who suffer loss of or reduction of hair due to idiopathic and chemotherapy-induced hypotrichosis. This is the first long-term study of Latisse, and it offers promising news for women who need eyelash enhancing.

In more hair news, Female Hair Loss Product Shows Promise posted on 9/14 features another positive review from Truth in Aging, this time of Hair Vitality Complex. It is designed to help women with receding hair lines, an embarrassing and not much discussed problem for women. Hair Vitality Complex also receives great marks for the functionality and style of the design.

Last but never least, women over 40! Over 40 Fab appears on 9/14/12 and covers over forty beauties like Halle Berry and Susan Sarandon who are still considered hot as well as vital artists. This post is specifically designed to inspire the beauty and fashion confidence of women over forty by offering pointers to play up their faces and show off their enviable curves. It’s time to stop dreading age and to start enjoying the years!

Have a beautiful weekend!