Top 5 Kopelson Clinic Articles of the Week

The Top 5 Kopelson Clinic Articles of the Week are as follows:

The first article comes to us as more of a warning than an article. After a study that showed the failures and dangers of a hip procedure known as “hip resurfacing”, the women and smaller men the procedure was once recommended for are now being warned against undergoing it. Read Warning Issued on Alternative Hip Replacement Procedure to find out how poorly hip resurfacing did in the study.

Second up this week, an insightful article titled What Failure Will Look Like: A Pill for Healthy Aging. This feature explores not only the societal discrimination but also the scientific discrimination against those who are already aging. All anti-aging efforts almost exclusively focus on those who are still young. Overlooking the aged proves detrimental to our society as a whole because it prevents progress on many levels. Something must be done to rectify this oversight.

The next article also relates to anti-aging, this time in the form of a groundbreaking theory about how Several Vital Cell Populations Could Grow in Lymph Nodes. This theory could revolutionize the aging process in several ways, including merely replacing cells instead of whole organs when needed. According to this article, lymph nodes hold a key to better aging.

The fourth top article discusses the differences in two procedures that cause a lot of confusion. Read What is the Difference Between a Lifestyle Lift and a Mini Lift? to get the facts straight about these two. As the article clearly shows, the Lifestyle Lift is nothing more than the newest version of a procedure dating back from 1904!

And finally…the eyes have it. The final article, that is. This articles features the The Five Best Eye Creams of 2012. This piece proves very helpful because it is hard to even know where to begin with eye creams. They are an important part of beauty routine, but they can be expensive. So read this to see where to start with your eye cream research.