Fall Skincare Switch-Up

The humidity has left the air and the leaves are changing. This means that your summer skin routine must go the way of the humidity, and a skin care change is due to keep your skin in tip-top shape. Fall’s dryer air presents a host of problems for skin, but don’t fret. A good fall skin care routine will keep you sparkling.

First of all, a humidifier does wonders for keeping your skin moisturized. It works especially well at night so move one into your bedroom and get some true beauty sleep.

Also, switch to warm water instead of hot. It’s a good idea all year round, actually, because as relaxing as hot water is, it can really dry out your skin. Make sure to follow your shower with a good face and body moisturizer at night. During the day, remember that you need still need a sunscreen. Sun damage occurs even in cold weather.

When the weather gets really nippy, cover up with mittens, scarves, and face guards to help prevent chapping.