Treating Thickened Skin From Rosacea

painting of chameleon sitting on a branchPhymatous rosacea, is a skin condition which can cause the skin to thicken.  Today,  people are seeking treatment earlier than later.  However,  if you ignore the signs of rosacea it can lead to a swollen, puffy look, most commonly on the nose.

Fortunately there are ways of treating thickening skin.

  • Dermatologists treat phymatous rosacea with CO2 laser. This method is the most common for treating thickening skin.   Cosmetic Dermatologists can use the powerful laser to shave down the bumps caused by thickening skin.
  • Dermabrasion is a technique which involves using a wire brush to scrape off unwanted skin.   This is an older, less expensive method of treatment compared to the CO2 laser.   There is also a risk of cutting too deep, which can cause bleeding, scarring and permanent color changes to the skin.
  • Electrocautery is a procedure that involves using a heated electrode to warm the skin and scrape off excess to give it a smoother look.

All cosmetic procedures that  your Beverly Hills Dermatologist might use are effective at removing excess skin, so your skin will be smoother and look healthier.   Remember with any skin condition, you should seek the advice of a trained professional who is experienced at treating phymatous rosacea.

Treat your rosacea sooner than later to avoid thickening skin.  However, if it does happen, know that there is hope with cosmetic procedures that can help bring your skin back to health.

The Kopelson clinic can provide effective Rosacea treatments which include medications, cosmetic laser surgery and a personalized skin care regimen.

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