Truth in Aging Reader Recommends Your Best Face Boost

Truth in Aging reader Charley says she was born with severely dry skin which means that every winter, she must arm herself with all sorts of hydrating skin care products as well as exfoliatants. But a few months ago, she says her dryness turned worse than it’s ever been.

And Your Best Face Boost ($65) seemed like a bad choice to resolve those skin issues. After all, the product name commands a stellar rep with good reason, but it’s a lightweight moisturizer.

Well, don’t let that fool you. Apparently the half-gel, half-mousse consistency worked wonders on Charley’s self-proclaimed dandruff face.

Here’s an excerpt from her review:

In the beginning, I had to apply Boost two layers in succession: after cleansing while my skin was still damp, then again after the first layer had set a little. It absorbed quickly and set to a smooth, matte finish – so matte, in fact, that I had to keep checking to make sure I wasn’t drying out. At first, I needed a lot to calm the flakes and ease the tightness, but the effects lasted 12 hours without reapplication. Using it night and day, I went through a lot of product that first week. Thank goodness for the blemish inhibitors, vitamin B5 and niacin, because not only was I applying Boost pretty thick, I was also laying off the deep cleansers and exfoliation.

The shedding slowed down steadily. By week three, my skin no longer prickled from super-dry overheated office air. By week four, the flakes were so minimal that I was able to use sunscreen again (nothing like zinc oxide to highlight those flakes). In the last week, I tried combining it with other products. There are plenty of antioxidant, anti-aging, healing ingredients, such as cucumber extract, white tea, Renovage, Spin Trap, Lipochroman-6, homeostatine. If you have good skin, you won’t need much else. Hydration being my nagging concern, I layered it with a mix of hyaluronic acid and diluted honey. Boost remained unflappably matte.

Every day I awoke to a soothed, hydrated and rejuvenated complexion that I could see and feel. Using a lightweight moisturizer! In winter! Before this, I thought only in terms of lipid barriers. I guess no lipid could trap moisture that isn’t there. Boost is that perfect balance of water and moisture trappers that plumped and protected, allowing my skin to heal. The anti-aging was icing on the cake. My skin actually looks better now than last summer: tighter pores, no shine, more even tone.

If you’re worried about parabens and diazolidinyl urea, there’s a thoughtful disclosure on preservatives on YBF’s website that will help you make an informed decision. (Concentrations are: .003% propylparaben, .014% methylparaben and .081% diazolidinyl urea.)

So if you also suffer from “dandruff face”, consider trying Your Best Face Boost. Also, make sure to check out Truth in Aging for more beauty tips!