Volume, Cheek to Cheek

The whole point of cheek augmentation is to plump-up sunken-in cheeks that age the face. When done successfully, it absolutely revitalizes the overall look. But choosing the right injectable is essential to success as is choosing the right procedure. Choose the correct cheek augmentation with the following tips:

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If sunken in cheeks really do stem from a loss of fat, then injectables are definitely the way to go. Fillers like Perlane or Radiesse provide an instant burst of youth immediately after injection via hyaluronic acid fillers and collagen-stimulating ingredients. Neither of these fillers last permanently, but their effects do last a respectable 12-18 months.


If the skin in the mid-part of your face seems loose plus severely lacks volume, you may need to get a facelift consultation, specifically a facelift with a fat transfer. This will mean surgery and most doctors then add fat while the patient is under for the facelift. This involves a long recovery, but also lasts longer than just injectables.