Who Do You Want To Fix Your Face?


Whether I am out to dinner, at a social engagement, or at a pool party, I find myself studying people’s faces  determining what, if anything, they have had done, or what I could do to make them look better.  All too often, I have noticed the typical ridge in the nasolabial fold caused by poor placement of material.  I have also seen, instead of vertical wrinkling above the lip, vertical ridges caused by poor choice of product, too much material, or poor placement of material.  And most unfortunately, I notice foreheads that only move on one side, as if all of a sudden, everyone had the rare trait of being able to lift one eyebrow.  People have begun to look bizarre!

Just as I should probably not deliver a baby, an OB GYN should not be messing with the muscles of the face.  Similarly, a surgical nurse should not do a heart transplant nor should they be vaporizing the skin with a resurfacing laser.

Facial cosmetic treatments do not come with an instruction booklet whereby each treatment on each treatment is done in the same manner.  As stated above, and due to price shopping patients have begun to ignore the fact that these products are medications and their application is quite complicated – not something that can be condensed into an instruction pamphlet.

If you indeed care enough about your face to seek treatment, then at least, choose carefully.  Personally, I would only allow a physician that has studied the nerves, muscles, blood vessels of the face-a physician that looks at and treats different faces every day.  Faces that are round, faces that are sunken, faces that are droopy, faces that are pigmented-A physician that understands how the skin heals, how different lasers emitting different wavelengths of light are absorbed by the different components of the skin.  A physician that has done all procedures available on all skin types and has seen results whether good or bad.  Personally, I would only see me.

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