Why Dermatologists Use Photo Facial Rejuvenation Therapy?

First Class Beauty TreatmentThe skin is the largest organ of the human body. However, despite its prominence, not too many people really know how to take care of their skin. The perception that most people have, especially men, is having to exert too much effort in taking care of their skin which is not masculine and is a sign of vanity.

Besides, they think that no one really contracts serious medical conditions by not being too particular about skin care. In most cases, people think that concerns regarding skin health are mostly only cosmetic. Of course, this could not be further from the truth as many people have succumbed to life threatening diseases originating from the skin, such as cancer.

Men and women who are concerned with the health of their skin can consult a Beverly Hills dermatologist with regard to solutions to their skin problems. One of the more advanced and widely used methods of ridding the skin of imperfections such as creases, wrinkles, and dark spots is known as photo facial rejuvenation therapy.

This term is actually more of a collective term for any procedure that involved light to make a person’s skin suppler and younger-looking. Thus, laser treatments and IPL or intense pulsed light treatments are some of the more popular photo facial rejuvenation techniques.

Not all IPL machines are alike. The most powerful and versatile IPL photo facial machine is available at The Kopelson Clinic, where Dr. Kopelson has expertly performed photofacial treatment for many years and regularly recommends IPL photo facial rejuvenation for healthy, revitalized skin.

While laser therapy is used more in erasing fine lines and wrinkles, IPL is recognized as effective in eliminating pigmentation, sun damage, remove red and brown spots, reduce wrinkles, decrease pore size, as a spider vein treatment, and as a treatment for scars.

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