Who Needs Deodorant

“Deodorant certainly serves its purpose but if you’ve ever left the house with white residue on your clothes, you’d probably agree that if you didn’t need it, you wouldn’t wear it. But for some people that’s not the case. According to a new study, over 75 percent of people with a certain gene variation don’t produce under-arm odor yet wear deodorant anyway.”

The above quote comes from a New Beauty article by Marissa Hicken about who needs deodorant. The information was based on a study co-authored by Dr. Santiago Rodriguez. The study suggests that this information could be used to develop more personalized hygiene products.

According to Dr. Rodriguez, the way to determine if you need deodorant or not is by checking ear-wax: if you have sticky ear wax rather than dry, you need to wear deodorant.

The study also suggests eating a healthy diet to treat odor from within the body.