Wrinkle Fillers for the Forehead

Those horizontal lines that appear on the forehead, as well as vertical “anger lines” between the eyebrows are a problem for many, as they make the face look older than it is. Rather than resigning yourself to such lines and allowing them to worsen, take remediation steps via wrinkle fillers. The talented staff at The Kopelson Clinic feature some of the best wrinkle fillers in the Beverly Hills area, and are more than happy to discuss the best option for you needs.

Let’s look at two excellent forehead wrinkle fillers:


One of the most popular ways to smooth moderate to severe facial lines, Botox creates a youthful look by inhibiting muscle movement. A non-surgical wrinkle treatment, Botox is created with the botulinum toxin A to reduce communication between muscles and nerves. This results in muscle relaxation and a smoothing of facial lines.

Effects last for up to six months, with Botox commonly used to treat horizontal lines on the forehead as well as vertical lines between the brows. A non-invasive brow lift, Botox also reduces smoker’s lines on the upper lip, crow’s feet around the eyes, droopy corners around the mouth, and vertical and horizontal lines on the neck. It has medical applications as well, such as the treatment of migraines and excessive underarm sweating.

 A fast outpatient procedure, there’s no recovery time involved with Botox.


Similar to Botox in that it’s comprised of the botulinum toxin A, Dysport also inhibits nerve-muscle communication to relax the muscles and therefore smooth lines and wrinkles. Most commonly used to treat vertical lines between the brows, Dysport is used to deal with horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet. The injectible filler’s effects generally show themselves quickly compared to Botox, and often last longer. Effects are also likely to “trail off” slowly, resulting in a naturally-youthful appearance.

Different from dermal fillers such as Radiesse and Juvederm, Botox and Dysport are two of the best non-surgical options for forehead lines. Talk to the staff at The Kopelson Clinic about either of these options, as the clinic won’t “water down” these injectables as day spas tend to do.

For more on wrinkle fillers in Beverly Hills, please contact The Kopelson Clinic today.