Benefits of Mole Removal

Benefits of Mole Removal


While moles on the body are a common occurrence, not all moles are harmless. Whether considering removal for aesthetic or medical reasons, or both, there’s many benefits to mole removal surgery at your favorite Beverly Hills clinic. Check out a few of these reasons before scheduling your appointment:



Protruding moles often get in the way of shaving, resulting in missed hairs or related injuries. Mole removal solves this problem!


Smooth, Clear Skin

The cosmetic reasons for mole removal always top the list of benefits, and for good reason. Some people are more predisposed to moles than others, and an abundance of moles on the body, whether on the face or anywhere else, often results in appearance-related self-esteem issues. Many dark moles cannot be covered up with makeup, and mole removal makes clear, smooth skin possible.

Mole removal is an excellent way to improve self-esteem and confidence in appearance, as the days of feeling like everyone is staring at a particular mole or two come to an end. Many moles are in prominent, difficult-to-conceal areas, and people with moles frequently feel embarrassed as a result.


Skin Irritation

Mole removal seriously reduces skin irritation that may occur when certain moles rub against jewelry or clothes.


Medical Concerns

As previously stated, not all moles are harmless. While most are benign, those that change shape or color are a concern, as they could indicate the development of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. It’s therefore essential to have pre-cancerous and any other suspicious moles biopsied sooner rather than later.



Some moles are just plain painful! Many grow in quantities in less-than-convenient places, such as on the head, which makes brushing and combing the hair painful. Any hair follicle on the body that grows close to or within a mole can become inflamed, resulting in pain and discomfort.


Talk to the caring, talented staff at The Kopelson Clinic about mole removal in Beverly Hills. The team is more than happy to remove unsightly or painful moles, and recommend any change in moles be examined by a medical dermatologist.


For more information about mole removal and other services available through The Kopelson Clinic, please contact the staff today.