Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis

Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis


The challenge of removing unwanted hair is something that plagues many, as shaving and waxing don’t last and can easily result in pain and discomfort. Hair removal creams rarely produce the results people want as well, leaving more permanent solutions the best option. Electrolysis was the “original” form of permanent hair removal, although laser removal has become the more popular procedure.

If considering permanent hair removal and can’t decide whether laser removal or electrolysis is the right choice for your needs, check out why laser hair removal might be the optimal solution:


The Pain Factor

One of the main complaints with electrolysis is that it’s not only a long procedure, it’s also quite painful. A very thin, electrified needle is inserted into the hair follicle during electrolysis, and the heat burns and damages the follicle. Laser hair removal, in comparison, utilizes a pulsating light that passes through the skin to the hair follicles. The intense heat of the laser burns the follicle to discourage re-growth. It isn’t nearly as painful as electrolysis, and takes much less time than electrolysis.


Dark Hair

Not only is laser hair removal faster and much less painful than electrolysis, it’s also the ideal option for dark-haired, light-skinned individuals. The laser targets melanin, a type of pigment that burns when heated. This results in a temporary cessation of hair production. When hair does grow back, it grows back thinner, and after a number of treatments essentially stops growing back entirely.



Laser hair removal is a lot less expensive than electrolysis. Rates depend on how much hair you need removed among other factors; however laser hair removal costs range from $100 to $450 per session, while the total cost of electrolysis sessions is frequently hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

While electrolysis can treat any kind hair, it is neither timely nor cost-effective. Laser hair removal procedures target large portions of hair at once. Both procedures require numerous sessions for permanent results.


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