Body Acne Tip

Body acne affects the neck, chest, back, and buttocks. It can be particularly embarrassing during intimate moments, or if wearing revealing clothing like a bathing suit.

There are all sorts of remedies for acne, some store bought and some homemade. But this next remedy won’t cost you a thing. You don’t even have to make it from what you’ve already bought.

Change your clothes and shower immediately after you cool down from a workout.

This means you either

  • a. Take supplies and fresh clothes to the gym to change into after showering there, or

b.You drive home immediately after working out and shower there.

Far too many people hang out in sweaty clothes throughout the day. Doing so traps dirt and sweat next to your skin, prepping it for rampant breakouts and nasty rashes. It’s even bad for the face to soak in sweat for extended periods of time.

There is no reason to sweat and then run errands in it all day. Get cleaned up first.

Your skin should definitely improve.