Red Lipstick Pointers

Red is a classic color for lips, especially in the fall. But not every red works on every woman.

If fair, bright coral reds do not overwhelm the pale skin. Coral reds stun and pack the same pop against a fair face.

Medium skin tones look smashing with a bit of cranberry that contains pinkish hues rather than purple.

Dark skin tones look luscious in the deep and powerful brick reds or burgundies. Think deeper rather than brighter.

Of course, a person can have any of these skin types, but you want to determine if you are the fair, medium, or dark skin type that looks better in cool or warm undertones. You can find something close to the above with the suitable undertones.

And remember, with red you don’t need shiny lips. A touch of gloss placed in the middle then rubbed together is best to keep lips looking lush. Red doesn’t need extra shine to be noticed.