Gut Microbes and Aging

Gut microbes play a significant role in the aging process.

This is because aging alters “…the human gut microbiota phylogenetic composition and its interaction with the immune system,” which results in inflamm-ageing and immunosenescence.

“Winter sicknesses” like flus and other sicknesses like diarrhea and even constipation can occur because these microbes become out of balance. Therefore, the whole immune system is affected.

One way to help prevent this is by taking probiotics, which counteracts a lot of the inflammation. It will assist in the promotion of longevity.

Probiotics can be bought over the counter very cheaply, but people need to check with their doctors first before taking them, just in case the probiotics may irritate them for reasons that only doctors would know. Make sure to inquire that the brand is safe, too. And plain yogurt with no sugar is another great option for getting a dose of probiotics.