Buy Accutane (Isotretinoin) Online without Additional Fees

Buy Accutane (Isotretinoin) Online without Additional Fees

Medication: Accutane (Isotretinoin) Accutane (Isotretinoin)
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Accutane (Isotretinoin)

Accutane (generic name isotretinoin) is a very powerful acne medicine that has proven results against breakouts and blemishes that cannot be healed using other treatments. It is a derivative of vitamin A, like some other skincare and acne treatments, like Retin-A (tretinoin).

Isotretinoin Brands:

  • Accutane
  • Zenatane
  • Absorica
  • Myorisan
  • Claravis
  • Amnesteem
  • Sotret

Important information about Accutane (Isotretinoin)

Accutane is a strong medicine that should not be used as the first line of defense against acne. It is known for its sometimes serious side effects, so most doctors will exhaust other treatment methods before trying this one. Accutane is meant to treat severe acne; if you can manage your acne using other treatments, it is best to continue to do so and avoid this medication.

If you’re prescribed Accutane, you must take it exactly as prescribed to minimize side effects and improve its effectiveness. Accutane is used only for a short time, and there is no increased benefit in using more than you’re prescribed.

Accutane side effects

Because Accutane has such serious side effects, your doctor will weigh its potential risks with its potential success to determine if you’re a good candidate for use. Some of Accutane’s most serious complications include:

  • More acne – many users report that their acne gets worse before it gets better. This can be disappointing to some and cause them to stop taking the medicine before the end of their treatment regime.
  • Dry skin and hair – As Accutane reduces oil production, dry skin, dry hair, and chapped lips are common side effects. You can minimize this effect by using gentle cleansers and moisturizing regularly, but you should note that peeling and cracking of the skin and hair loss or damage may not always be avoidable.
  • Increased sensitivity to the sun – This is a side effect of many acne medications and should be taken seriously as you may burn more easily and increase your chances of developing skin cancer.
  • Birth defects – You absolutely cannot use Accutane while pregnant as the medicine has shown to cause severe birth defects. You’ll need to take regular pregnancy tests while taking the medicine to ensure you do not become pregnant. If you become pregnant while on the medicine, you risk miscarriage, premature birth, or birth defects like missing appendages, small or missing eyes, cleft palate, and heart defects.
  • Brain pressure – This is a very serious and life-threatening side effect. An increase in brain pressure can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, seizures, vision problems, and vomiting. If any of these things happen to you, call for medical help immediately.
  • Personality changes – You may notice changes in your mood or personality. These include feelings of sadness, depression, hopelessness, or irritability. You may also experience hallucinations or have thoughts of suicide. Seek help if you notice these or other changes.

It cannot be stressed enough that Accutane has the potential to cause serious, permanent side effects. Be sure to stay in close contact with your doctor while taking the medicine and immediately report any symptoms or changes that you see.

Dosage information

Accutane is usually prescribed in doses of .25 to .50mg twice per day. Your doctor may increase or lower your dose depending on how you respond to treatment. If you are not responding, have severe acne, or have severe scarring, your doctor may increase your dose up to 2mg per day. Note that increased dosage will result in more pronounced side effects, so your doctor will work to keep you at the lowest effective dose.

Unlike many medicines, Accutane must be taken with food, and its effectiveness will be diminished if you don’t eat when taking the medicine. Your doctor will not prescribe this medicine if you cannot comply with this important instruction.

What kinds of results will I see with Accutane?

For all its dangers, Accutane is an effective medication with a high success rate.

Most patients will take Accutane for 15 to 20 weeks, and four out of five will see clear skin at the end of their treatment regime—and maintain it long after they finish. While Accutane is not marketed as a cure to acne, many users experience long-term, seemingly permanent results.

In addition to treating the clogged pores, redness, and pustules of acne, Accutane has also been effective at reducing acne scarring to product smoother skin.