Overdosing on Anti-Aging Products Damages Skin

Too many active ingredients in anti-aging products could be damaging to the skin when overused.

The concept is akin to eating too much food. Food is a vital necessity that should be enjoyed, but over consumption leads to obesity and illness. Most people understand that too much plastic surgery or botox wrecks havoc upon the face.

It’s like overdosing on too much of a good thing.
Side effects of this include irritated skin that can make one look more aged and noticeable in a bad way.

Many women also think they must switch products to “re-stimulate the skin”, but this common belief has no basis in fact. If a product doesn’t work after six weeks, talk to a dermatologist for recommendations and to determine why. But if the active ingredients in an anti-aging product worked before, there is no reason for the product to stop working.