Positive Thinking and Looks

Struggling to lose weight or bad haircuts or skin outbreaks or wrinkles (God, the list really is endless!) makes us all feel a bit negative. Ok, it makes me feel elephant-size negative, but that’s another blog.

Basically what I am trying to write is that negativity affects how we actually look, how we feel about how we look, and how we interact with others.

Even the best looking people in the world get wrinkles, zits; gain weight and experience bad hair days. It’s a cruel part of life that makes us feel insecure and can even affect the things we try out for, such as new positions at work.

I am far from a beauty queen, but growing-up I never suffered acne. Now that I am older—just turned 40!— I get an outbreak every month that once made me want to hide my head in shame. Instead, I learned how to prevent the outbreaks to the best of my ability, not pick, and realize it’s two small pimples that few notice instead of two lumps, if you know what I mean.

I also gained weight from a major lifestyle change and have spent the last five years trying to lose it. I finally found a bootcamp that works, and a way to eat that I can stick to fairly well. I still hate when people post pictures of me on Facebook, but I now remind myself that I look so much better than I did because I only have fifteen pounds to go instead of the former forty.

So let’s all do the best that we can with how we look, but keep it in perspective. Ironically enough, that perspective gives us a glow!