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Best Sexy Legs Procedures

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Summer is almost here, which means more leg revealing fashion. Worries like cellulite, hair, and varicose veins can certainly put a damper on any woman’s summer runway mood, though. Luckily, there are procedures that can help legs look sexy and

The Carbs and Acne Connection

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Is there a connection between food and acne? The debate about food and the condition of one’s skin has been raging on like a giant, festering pimple for years. In the past, the focus has been on chocolate and alcohol;

Dr. Perricone’s 6 Tips for Making Guacamole Healthier

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Guacamole is SO DELICIOUS. It’s the perfect summertime food for outdoor gatherings or the quiet evening in. The color and texture are really inviting, too. If you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo, it will certainly add an authentic flare to your

Most Requested Celeb Lips, How To Get Long Luscious Lashes, and More

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Real Self features stories about the most requested celeb lips, how to get loungers lashes, a new three-part series on hands and aging, and one story I’ll just let you all watch the video intro for… Enjoy! Read and watch

New Take on NF-κB and the Hypothalamus

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Once again, researchers have determined a link between aging and NF-kB. NF-kB is a protein complex. It oversees the transcription of DNA. Fight Aging! says: “It seems fairly clear to me from the performance of the medical establishment to date

Dental Implants Fight Aging

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Implants can absolutely restore your smile, taking away years from an aged appearance. That’s because implants help prevent facial sagging /hollowness resulting from missing teeth. Plus if one’s natural teeth look dingy, implants also provide the refreshing, whiter tooth look

Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson & More: The 10 Most Desirable Arms

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Real Self Daily has a great feature on arms. Michelle Obama and Kate Hudson are on the list of arms that other women want. Women are doing more arm workouts and seeking other alternatives to achieve the sleek, toned arm

Boston Dermatologists Are Helping Marathon Victims

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“According to the Boston Public Health Commission, 282 people have been injured from the bombings that occurred on April 15. Many are still in the hospital and it could be weeks before scarring begins.” Dermatologists in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, are

Get An Ideal Body: Thinner Thighs

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There are two ways to get thinner thighs. The first works for everyone and involves a lot up and down movement. No, it’s nothing fun and easy like… riding a carousel. This up and down involves squats and lunges. The

Three Options to Smooth Away Stretch Marks

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Just about everyone has stretch marks after a certain age, though the severity varies from person to person. They can appear with pregnancy, weight gain, or via genetics or some combination of all these factors and more. Still, no matter

Ablative Vs. Nonablative Lasers

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Lasers treat a multitude of skin conditions in varying intensities. If you’ve decided that a laser is the best way to achieve the results you desire, the next step is to understand what kinds of lasers are available: ablative nonablative

Skim Milk May Not Be the Best Choice for Weight Loss

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The Archives of Disease in Childhood recently published a study claiming that low-fat or skim milk may not help with weight loss, though it’s commonly believed to do just that. This study has caused controversy, with skeptics citing unscientific data