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Thinning Hair Style Tips

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Thinning hair can be caused by aging, genetics, lifestyle issues, illness, some combination of all the aforementioned, and more. It’s a common problem, but one that people don’t enjoy discussing. However, there are ways to style your hair that can

New Beauty’s Awards Best Lightweight Concealer to…

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NewBeauty named No Concealer Concealer SPF 35 with the Beauty Choice Award for “The Best Lightweight Concealer”. The concealer comes in one shade that camouflages dark circles and other common skin issues that affect multitudes of women. Not only does

Vanquish: Fat Melter

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As summer approaches, many people begin to panic about the season’s revealing clothing. Supposedly, a new machine called Vanquish helps people quell their panic without even touching the body. The Vanquish fat-melting process consists of a Czech-made device that uses

Size and Aging

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“It has been known for millennia that large animals live longer, inspiring numerous theories of aging. For example, elephants and humans live longer than mice, which in turn live longer than worms and flies.” However, within species, smaller sizes often

“Looking Old”

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Here’s an insightful must-read about how “culture” turned one writer into a raging idiot. As the author if this must-read wrote, “Over the weekend, I came across a perfectly dreadful essay about how awful it is to look old. The

Never Too Late for a Tighter Tummy

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Weight loss and pregnancy are wonderful things that enhance life. Wonderful things that enhance life while also wrecking the skin of the tummy by leaving behind loose, saggy skin. Whether one’s been pregnant or lost weight, aging itself affects the

2013 Cosmetic Trends From Top Plastic Surgeons

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Some of the leading top-certified board surgeons attended The Aesthetic Meeting 2013 in New York City. It’s the eighth year for the event. Facial rejuvenations that reflect how young people feel on the inside, less downtime and improved technology, more

Ultra Clear Power Cleaning Brush

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Cindy Crawford’s daily regime consists of dry brushing and her skin is absolute proof that it works. Despite the fact that dry brushing wards off breakouts and removes dead skin cells, many mature women fear it will be too rough

The #Fix: How To Erase Varicose Veins

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Here’s a link to all the various stories from RealSelf: RealSelf Daily Clips: Your daily news blast of all the latest original stories on RealSelf and consumer and industry highlights and trends. Also, Real Self has prepared a video that

Iggy Fanlo of Lively: Changing Aging

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Iggy Fanlo is a technology entrepreneur and the co-founder/CEO of Lively, a startup company designed to enhance social connections between generations. Lively just launched its KickStarter campaign. It involves the non-invasive device that monitors the routine and activities of older

Greener Pastures in Beauty and Bathrooms

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Going green is expected in today’s fast-paced world, despite the dichotomy of that desire and the pace at which we live. We expect to have all the convenience of modern life while saving the planet and maintaining our health. Find

Exercise Might Prevent Alcohol’s Brain-Damaging Effects

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Hard exercise may fight the brain damage caused by heavy drinking, according to a new study. (Obviously, we aren’t talking about heavy green tea consumption…) The following article states that: “People who exercised often did not show a “strong relationship