According to the ancient Mayan’s calendar, the world is ending tomorrow. At least that’s what some people believe.

Therefore, there’s no better time than now to use the food in your fridge to make a natural beauty mask. Below, two masks which work for three skin types: normal, oily, and dry skin.

That’s right, ladies. You are going out with a bang and bangin’ skin!


Hydrating & Brightening Banana, Honey, and Sour Cream Face Mask: Mix half a banana, a teaspoon of honey, and 2 tablespoons of sour cream. Apply to the face for ten minutes, then wash off with a tepid wash cloth.

Chocolate Truffle Mask for Normal or Oily Skin:: Mix four tablespoons of cocoa powder with four tablespoons of milk; stir until it reaches pudding consistency. You can enjoy the smell for up to twenty minutes! Wash off with a tepid wash cloth. This can also be used for normal skin maintenance, but only leave on for ten minutes.