How Do Faces Of Men And Women Age Differently?

Why is it thatFotolia_35744883_Subscription_Monthly_L when men age they are said to look more “distinguished” but when it happens to women, they just look “old”? Is there really a bias on how men age as compared to women? If you want to learn more about the differences on how men and women age, then the following bits of information may prove useful.


  •  Why do men and women “age” differently?

The reason why people in general look “old” is because their skin has significantly become thinner and lost most of their elasticity, now this plays a huge role on why men seem to age differently from women. Men generally have thicker skin than women, which is why men use different facial cleaning products, and their skin tends to gradually get thinner as they age.

Women’s skin on the other hand are much thinner than that of men, and they also have a thicker layer of subcutaneous fat, and this is the reason why their skin is much smoother and softer than that of men when they are still on their prime; but when they hit menopause, the elasticity of their skin will start decreasing in a much more rapid rate. This rapid decrease of skin thickness and elasticity is the reason why women seem to age at a much faster rate than men.

  •  The usual signs of aging

When men get older, the most noticeable change that appears on their faces are deep wrinkles on their foreheads, and they also start to get a paunch underneath their chins, some men would even have a diminished chin when they get older. The brows and eyelids of men would also sag down when they reach a certain age; this is why a lot of old men look angry and grumpy even though they do not really feel that way.

In women, the wrinkles are not as deep as men, they are usually just fine lines that appear around the eyes and mouth, these are what most people call laugh/smile lines, or crow’s feet. There are some women who also develop a paunch underneath their chins, but usually the skin around the neck would usually sag, resulting in what is called as “turkey necks”.

  •  How can they be taken care of?

Fortunately, thanks to modern cosmetic dermatology treatments, these signs of aging in both men and women can be easily taken care of. For instance, wrinkles and fine lines can be treated using the quite popular Botox injections and the sagging skin and paunches around the neck area can be taken care of using neck lift procedures.

As always, if you are planning on getting any kind of cosmetic procedure done, you should consult with your Beverly Hills dermatologist first. Even though most cosmetic treatments are considered as “minor” procedures, they still require you to be in good health. Your cosmetic dermatologist will be able to consult with you on which cosmetic treatments are best for you.

Anti aging dermatology consists of cosmetic fillers that vary in form and function, some lasting longer than others. The Kopelson Clinic provides many options to choose from to reduce wrinkles including Pearl™ resurfacing laser, injectable cosmetic fillers, Botox® and other cosmetic wrinkle treatment regimens.

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