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Hyperpigmentation….What Is It?

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4 Types of Hyperpigmentation and What to do About it. As aggravating as hyperpigmentation can be, understanding why it’s happening and how you can stop it (yes, it can be done) is rule number-one on the path to clear, even

I Don’t Want to Look Like a Duck!

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By: Dr. Kopelson I have a question: Do you think women come in and say the following? 1. I want to look like a DUCK. Can you make me look like a DUCK? 2. I want to look like a

Botox Helps Men Diminish The Signs of Aging

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Is Botox for men an option to diminish the signs of aging such as wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows? When people think of wrinkle reduction or the treatment of age lines on the face-frown lines, smile lines

Sculptra and the Non-Surgical Facelift

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Very few doctors in the Los Angeles Area Inject Sculptra. Dr. Kopelson is a Sculptra expert. As with anything, the more you do, the more you improve. Dr. Kopelson has been working with the company since Sculptra was approved by